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Food: Free and Low Cost Food Resources

Serve New England
(formerly SHARE New England)


Serve New England offers individuals and families low-cost food in exchange for voluntary community service every month.

Volunteers may choose from a range of community service activities, from working in a food pantry to coaching a Little League baseball team.

The food that volunteers receive comes in "packages." You can purchase as many packages as you would like each month. A basic package costs $15 to $16 plus 2 hours of volunteer service and includes approximately $35 worth of food, enough to feed a family of four for approximately one week. There are no dairy products in either of the two main packages.


Willingness to volunteer at least 2 hours of community service every month
Ability to pay $15-16 in cash or Food Stamps for a basic package of groceries


There are no immigration restrictions.


$ Regular package of frozen meats and fresh fruits and vegetables — $15 and 2 hours of volunteer service
$ Vegetarian package — $16 and 2 hours of volunteer service
$ Meat-only add-on package — $9 and purchase of Regular or Vegetarian package

Action Steps


Find a local Serve Chapter by calling 1-888-742-7363 or by using the "Chapter Finder" on Serve's website,


Call your local Serve Chapter and ask when their next Registration Day is.

Registration Days are usually at the very beginning of each month.

3. Bring money or Food Stamps to Registration Day, place your order for food, and ask when you can pick it up — "Distribution Day."
4. Do 2 hours of volunteer service in your community for each food package you ordered.

The 2 hour commitment can be shared among family members.

5. Pick up your food on Distribution Day.

What to Bring When You Apply

Money or Food Stamps to cover the cost of food packages

Internet Resources

Serve New England
  Click on the red "Food Co-op" tab at the top of the page for specific information about the program, including a food list and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


This information was updated August 20, 2002.
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